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Confluence Page Elements

When designers are working on a Theme they need to remember that Confluence is a tool with many functional elements. These elements can all be moved and restyled with ThemeBuilder, but leaving out core menu items and interactive areas may impact the function of the site.

This page lists the main functional areas of a Confluence page. Designers and theme developers need to be sure they have have considered the placement of all these functional items.

Menu / Button
Browse menu link
User menu link
Tools menu
Add menu
Share button
Edit button
Confluence 5.x and above
Space Directory Link
People Directory Link
Create Page Button
Comments section
Labels section
Likes section
Likes and labels sections
Metadata section
Child pages section


Annotated Screenshots

Confluence 5 Dashboard


Confluence 5 Page

Confluence Editor Elements

The editor view is rarely changed, so this is just for documentation.

Editor toolbar element
Bold button
Italic button
Underline button
Color picker
"More" menu
Bullet list button
Numbered list button
Task list button
Outdent button
Indent button
Align left button
Align right button
Align center button
Insert table
"Insert" menu



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