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Compatible with Confluence  6.0.1 - 6.15.1


  • Launching out of beta
  • Admin pages for building and sharing reports with your team
  • New Script Editor for building custom reports right from Dashboard gadgets
  • Build forms for users to make REST api requests
  • Improved ScriptRunner integration
  • VisualScript SDK 2.0
    • Java
    • C#
    • Javascript
  • Added timelines and grids as report template option
  • Data fields for adding rich meta data to reports, viewable from tooltips

Features on Confluence 

  • New gadget based macros for on page editing.
  • Create custom reports using:
    • Script Editor
    • REST Builder
  • Built-in gadgets for:
    • Page Tree
    • Page History
    • How-to Article Visualisation
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