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When generating an export or running an import you may encounter an error message similar to below indicating that the Time In Status field is missing as it belongs to a plugin which is not available in the Jira Instance.

An error occurred:
Found custom field with values for issues in exported project(s), with id: 10000, name: [CHART] Time in Status and type: com.atlassian.Jira.ext.charting:timeinstatus. This field does not exist. Check if its type is defined in a plugin that has been disabled.


In order to work around this error, you should follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Download the Jar file for the Jira Charting plugin.
  2.  Upload the downloaded Jar file into your instance by clicking on the Upload add-on link in the top right-hand corner of the manage add-ons page. 
  3. Wait for the Jar file to upload and install.
  4. After the plugin installs successfully, retry taking a new export and let us know if the error is resolved.