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Compatible with Jira Server 7.2.0 - 8.2.2 & Jira Data Center 7.2.0 - 8.2.2

Fixes and Improvements



Bug fixes:

  • [PCDEV-1164] - Notification and issue security schemes cause import errors with PC 3.0
  • [PCDEV-1171] - Problem migrating some types of dashboard gadgets that apply to project categories
  • [PCDEV-1176] - When some JQL references an object by a string that is not acceptable as a valid object key (as a filter name), the import breaks
  • [PCDEV-1179] - References to subordinate objects (versions, components, issue security levels) in a JQL query trigger an NPE in the simulated import
  • [PCDEV-1181] - MissingMethodException when trying to change the help text of a JSD request type
  • [PCDEV-1064] - The global order of resolutions and priorities may not be imported correctly
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