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Compatible with JIRA  Data Center 7.X and later.



Support Escalation

  • Each of our DC Apps has its own support escalation process, together with an improved SLA (24 hr - reasonable responses).

Robust DC Testing Framework

  • Our new DC Testing Framework means that when customers raise support tickets against our new DC offering we can more easily try to reproduce their problem in an actual DC environment.

Data Center Testing Framework

  • Developed our own process to enable us to spin up DC instances of BitBucket, Confluence and JIRA in a cluster. This allows us to quickly and easily test the performances of our Apps in different DC environments.

Performance Testing

  • We developed solutions using tools like nGrinder, JMeter and Gatling to help us measure the performance of BitBucket, Confluence and JIRA with and without our Apps so we can be sure we have the best offering at scale.

Large Data Sets

  • We invested in scripts to help us create larger data sets so that our Atlassian instances better reflect larger instances our DC customers are using.
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