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Form Mail for Confluence has introduced many new features, one of which is greater integration with Atlassian's User Interface for creating form elements. This means that fields can now be labelled from within the macro, helping create neater, better looking forms, much simpler.


This is a big change from Form Mail, where fields were labelled with inline text and so when moving to Form Mail for Confluence, it is advised that you edit your existing mail forms to move the inline text labels to be added to the label field within the macro. This is a rather simple process that should take no more than 1-2 minutes for each mail form. The example below demonstrates this process.



  1. Navigate to a page where mail form is being used 
  2. Your page may look similar to the Form Mail below

  3. You'll notice that labels are no longer inline with the fields, this is because the fields are labelled in line (see below). Click the Edit page button to get to the editor. You should see something similar to this:

  4. You can see the inline text next to the label
  5.  cut/copy the text next to the first label

  6. Select the corresponding macro and open the macro editor

  7. Paste the text into the "Text for Label associated with this field" field. This will now provide a label for the field

  8. Click save
  9. Repeat this process for the remaining macros, until all inline labels have been added to the macro, your editor should now look similar to the below:

  10. Save your page, your mail form should look similar to the below:

  11. All text labels are now displayed evenly and can leave the presentation up to the macro.



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