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As an administrator, I want a copy of all sent mail to be saved in Confluence so that I have a record of all mail that is sent in a single centralised repository.


We may want to keep a record of mail sent from Form Mail in a single centralised location that is easy to access for administrators. This can act as a record of sent mail from a particular Form ID or as a permanent substitute instead of sending mail out. With mail being stored in the admin section, several users can access and view the same inbox, making it a simple tool for watching mail form activity in Confluence.

In this example, we're going to update an existing form created in the setting the urgency of the mail in the subject example so that a copy of the mail sent from this form is kept in the Form Mail Inbox against a specific ID. This can be used as a simple record of issues reported that can be viewed by those in the confluence-administrator group.


You won't be able to reply from the Form Mail Inbox, but you can use it to read and manage mail that is sent.



As we're going to be updating the form created in the setting the urgency of the mail in the subject, you'll need to either create this form first, or you can modify the steps below for your own example.

  1. Create a new Form Mail with the collector type set to Internal Inbox
    1. Give the Form Mail Configuration a unique name
    2. Set Collector Type to Internal Inbox
    3. Set a notification schedule, either instant or Schedule
    4. Provide a description
    5. (optional) Set a success message. This will be shown to the user after the mail has been sent

  2. Navigate to the existing form

  3. Go to edit mode

  4. Select the mail-form macro and click edit

  5. In the destination field, add the Form Mail configuration ID to the destination by adding a comma and then the id

  6. Save the page

Mail from this Form will now be sent twice, once to each destination, with the second destination being the Form Mail Inbox - saved against the Form ID.



You can keep all the mail for a single form saved in Confluence and never send it out of Confluence. Just provide a single destination of a Form ID with the collector type set to "Internal Inbox"

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