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Welcome to Everyday Toolkit!

Everyday Toolkit is a collection of 15 productivity micro-apps for Slack that saves you time and reduces context-switching by letting you do more in Slack.

Employees switch between job-critical applications more than 1,000 times every day, which makes it hard to get essential work done. That's often more than half of the workday absolutely wasted!

Everyday Toolkit helps you complete everyday tasks like finding images or word definitions, calculating currency conversions and different timezones, and generating passwords without ever leaving Slack.

All 15 of the Everyday Toolkit tools are accessible through simple slash commands, or you can use the point-and-click interface in the app home in Slack.

Take it for a spin!

Get your two-week free trial now. Then it's only $0.20 per user per month thereafter!

Why waste valuable resources like time, money, and patience when you can just complete simple tasks in Slack?!

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