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Within the Confluence Administration > General Configuration section, you can configure some properties that are applied globally across all forums:

  1. Navigate to the section mentioned above.
  2. Go to the Community Forums Configuration page.

Forums Menu Configuration

You can select if the Forums menu is visible on the Confluence toolbar. The maximum number of forums displayed on the Forums menu can also be set.


The summary notification checkbox lets you disable the summary notification pop up box that appears when you access the community forum page every time there are new and/or updated topics since your last visit.

Topic/Forum Permissions

You can set global permissions as to which users can make topics sticky or locked.

Activity Score Configuration

The activity score calculation can be configured from here by simply providing values that indicate the importance of the activity on topics. For example, if you feel that comments to a topics indicate a higher level of importance or value then you could set this to be weighted more than page edits and/or attachments added to a topic. Additionally, you can choose whether you want the activity score to decay slowly or more quickly.

To configure the activity score calculation, follow these simple steps.

  1. Assign a value against each action, this will be used when calculating the activity score.

  2. Select how quickly you want the activity score to decay, and click update to save and apply your configuration.

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