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This macro allows the users to assign a tooltip to an element on the page.

The Tooltip macro does not impact the appearance of your page by altering the appearance of your element. This allows you the flexibility to format the targeted element to your specification.


Please note that in order to assign a Tooltip to an element the targeted element must first be created. 

Click Insert > Other Macro.



This will display the Macro Browser, where you can search and select the Tooltip Macro.



The Tooltip Macro has two parameters. They are the following:





Select the direction of the element in relation to the tooltip, e.g. if 'N' is selected, the tooltip will appear South of the element

This can be set to: N, E, S, W, NW, NE, SW, SE

single select



IDSpecify the ID of the element to which the tooltip will be assignedstringnone(tick)


Creating an element with an ID, then creating a Tooltip with specified parameters



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