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The iFrame macro allows the display of a web-page within a web-page. 

Iframe Macro Configuration

The Iframe macro is configured by the Confluence administrator and by default will be rendered with the sandbox attribute. 

Learn more about the Iframe Macro Configuration here:

Iframe Macro Configuration  


Click Insert > Other Macros.

Select the iFrame macro from the provided list.

Complete the desired fields.




The URL of the document to show in the iframe.




IDSpecifies a unique ID to be added to the element.stringnone(error)
CSS ClassSpecifies a CSS Class to be added to the element.
Inline StyleAn optional inline style sheet to apply to the tag.stringnone(error)
TitleText to display in a tooltip.stringnone(error)
WidthThe width of the iframe in px or %.stringnone(error)
HeightThe iframe height in px or %.stringnone(error)
Long DescriptionA url to a page which contains a long description of the content within the iframe.stringnone(error)
NameSpecifies a unique name of the iframe (to use in scripts).stringnone(error)
Text DirectionSpecifies the text direction.single selectnone(error)
Language CodeSets the language code.stringnone(error)
Allow Full Screen Mode

Allows iframe to be viewed full screen


The URL parameter must be specified for this macro to work.

The macro will then appear on the page.

Known Issues

Content that Previously Worked No Longer Displays

The iframe macro shows a blank area instead of imported content, as seen in the example above. This iframe used to work as expected but now shows a blank box.

Reason for Blank Display

There are two reasons why content that used to display in the iframe macro may no longer show in your Confluence page.

  • The administrators of the website you want to include in the iframe have set an option on their server that will deny the inclusion of their sites content in iframes. 
    This setting is called the The X-Frame-Options response header as described here by Mozilla

    This is the reason why our example above no longer works. The Atlassian Marketplace server is using 'X-Frame-Options: DENY' in its HTTP header.

  • Your browser is stopping the inclusion of content from another site for security reasons.
    This is a feature of modern browsers called Mixed Content Blocking as described here by Mozilla{toc{toc

Possible Solutions

Both of the scenarios described above are outside the control of the iframe macro and its developers.

If you are affected by this problem Adaptavist suggest that you try:

  • Using https at the start of the iframe source web address e.g. - this can help with mixed content blocking
  • An alternative method of importing content, such as the HTML Include Macro - please read the caveats on the linked page carefully
  • Remove the iframe macro from your page and link directly to the content instead

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