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Using Theme Builder I've made a new page template, I basically just customised the header.

Next I've made a confluence wiki page based on this page template, but... I can't edit the page (I can't add any wiki notation to it). Luckily this is just a test so nothing lost:

Any ideas of what I should do or where I should look for help on this site?

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  1. Unknown User (dm)

    I couldn't find a solution to this.

    1. Unknown User (erush)

      Hi Dave,

      Is the problem that you can't edit your page at all (ie there is no edit this page button or link), or that wiki notation you are adding to it isn't working?

      Are you trying to add wiki notation to the page via the builder interface or by going to edit/page in the normal way that you'd add content?

      When I was first learning how to use Builder, I found the Tutorials section to be the most helpful area.



      1. Unknown User (dm)

        Hi emma

        thanks for your reply

        Basically the problem I have is I cant edit my page at all (there is no edit this page button or link)

        I am trying to add wiki notation to the page in the normal way that you'd add content.

        I'll read through the tutorials as you suggest

        thanks again, Dave

      2. Unknown User (dm)

        Hi emma

        I've been following this tutorial:

        I made a couple of new template and customised widths, colours etc.

        Then when I go into confluence, my space Home page now uses one of these new templates- though am not sure how it was selected. If I want to change templates at this stage I have no links to anything, so can't select another template, or go back into customising templates, or even add content to the wiki page.

        Any ideas?

        1. Unknown User (dm)

          I'd appreciate some help on this

        2. Unknown User (erush)

          Hi Dave,

          Can you navigate to the dashboard? There is usally access to the admin area from a link in the very top right-hand area of the dashboard. I'm not sure if you have access rights to administration area, but if you can get to administration, you you can access the theme you created. (Admin area > theme builder >manage layouts)

          If you can access your theme via themebuilder, switch the title area on and you should get the edit facility. Probably useful if you switch the menu bar back on too. By default, inside the menu bar there is an edit link in the menu bar, which allows access to builder by selecting edit > administration > choose layout and this will allow you to select a default theme. You can also access builder from here by following the links to layout manager and theme admin that exist in the text above the themebuilder interface.

          Hope this makes sense. Let me know how you get on.



          1. Unknown User (dm)

            hi emma

            I can navigate to the dashboard, but don't see an admin access link in the very top right-hand area of the dashboard. Could this be an admin rights issue?

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Dave - it looks like an issue with your theme config, can you do the following:

    1. Go to your Confluence administration console
    2. Click "Theme Administration" link on the left
    3. On the Backup tab download all theme configurations (you'll get an XML file to save to disk)
    4. Create a ticket at in the Theme Builder support project
    5. Paste in a link to this page in our forums so our support staff can review the nature of the problem
    6. Attach the XML file to the ticket (not this forum page) so they can take a look at your menu configuration
    1. Unknown User (dm)

      Hi Guy

      I can't get to my Confluence administration console - I get no menu options at all

      thanks, dave

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        You can force default layout by appending layout=DEFAULT to the end of the URL to get the default menus:

        1. Unknown User (dm)

          hi guy

          Thanks for this tip- this works well- I can see the menus this way

          thanks for all your help!