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I'm using the version-history macro and it works great on the pages that need it.   But on the pages that don't use it I see this error - Error fomatting macro: version-history:java.lang....  This shows on the Browse pages, the Admin pages and some other.  What can I do to hide this on those pages?



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  1. {builder-show:context=page,blogpost}This content will only be displayed when you are viewing a page or a blog post{builder-show}

    builder-show macro

    1. Unknown User (markcp)

      Perfect!  Thanks for your quick reply

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        I usually use:

        {builder-show:mode=view} stuff to show when viewing a page/blogpost {builder-show}

        That way the version history, or whatever, won't be shown when editing or looking at page info, attachment screen, etc.