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Hello Community,

the pagetree2-macro is really good. But my Sites are not alphabetical orderd (sad)

And maybe someone can say me how I can change the green highlight in the pagetree.. I have tried this way:

In my Left-Navigation-Bar:

In my custom CSS:
.lsbpagetree.hover {
background-color: #0000ff;

But this is not really running =)

I´m glad for all answers!

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  1. Unknown User (conflman)

    Thanks for the great support (big grin)

    I have found a solution. The pagetree was already sorted. But the sites with an capital letter (oder so was (big grin)) were befor the notcapital (question) letters.

    And the CSS-Code for the pagetree was in the jar-plugin-data (big grin)