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Hi everyone,

I'm having trouble with a list-page macro.

Number 1 problem is I can't search against metadata.

Unknown macro: {list-pages}

The way I understand the macro is that should give me a list of all of the pages on the Space. It instead doesn't give me a list, but no errors - so the macro ran but no results. A search for author:account with account name, or author:name displayed name results in nothing also.

Then while trying to figure out an alternative I was playing around with wildcards on a test Space, with 3 pages with no label and one with 'win'.

Unknown macro: {list-pages}

No results again, where

Unknown macro: {list-pages}

displays the expected one result.

Where am I going wrong? Someone suggested the Metadata plugin/search might be broken, in which case I'll have to figure out a way to do this list without metadata (perhaps searching Last Edited).


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  1. Unknown User (generalshanus)

    Examples of how I'm trying to use the macro: (brackets removed)
    Username appears as H Lowe. Profile page is low.

    list-pages:|startPage=@home|direction=down|metadata=author:H Lowe
    list-pages:|startPage=@home|direction=down|metadata=author:low <- square brackets
    list-pages:|startPage=@home|direction=down|metadata=Author:h lowe
    list-pages:|startPage=@home|direction=down|metadata=author:"H Lowe"
    list-pages:|startPage=@home|direction=down|metadata=author:H <- sqr bracket H pipe ~low sqr bracket

    I get nothing. No errors, or anything. Removing the metadata portion gives me a full list of all pages on the space.