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Simple question: how do I get my document/page to centre. I've applied the Theme Builder theme, but can't work out how to centre the layout of the page as opposed to it being justified left. Thanks.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Use the Page Alignment option on the Options Tab to set the overall page alignment:

    Then set the width of the "Page" panel (using the Panel Editor on the Layout Tab) to something other than 100%.

    1. Unknown User (erutanlive)

      Ah ha!

      Editing the width of "document" in the layout editor made the page 100%. I was trying for the longest time to find out what the heck was causing it to have that margin.

      btw - center page didn't seem to work for me in ffox/safari in beta 27/28.

      1. editing the width of the 'document' should have no effect (I'd disable it, but for the amount of complications it would add to the code), however editing the width of the 'page' within the document should allow you to see the effects of the page alignment.

        1. Unknown User (gfraser)

          Actually, I'm finding page centering icky too.

          Would it be worth having the alignment of the page panel set the alignment of the document (or whatever)?

          For example, click the page panel, center it and you get a centered page. Set it's width to 90% and you get 90% width page in the center, etc. It's not the page panel that would actually get those settings - from memory it's atb-shell or atb-document that needs to get the settigs, but the intuitive place to set the options is on the page panel.

          1. Can you expand on 'icky' .. i know I'm not fully uptodate with the latest technical terms, so you'll have to humour me with the long explanation.

            The shell alignment sets the alignment of the main table, this does not set the alignment of the content, but the table itself (due to the way that browsers implement the table's align= property) ... using the alignment of the table is the only reliable way to actually get the content to display in the correct place in all browsers (eg IE5.5)

            1. I've tested the align code locally and can find no problems .. everything seems to work as expected.

              Can you create an issue on attaching a backup of your layout data (or attach it here if it isnt confidential)

  2. Unknown User (erutanlive)

    It's working for me now - I do think it has something about setting widths in both document and page.

    1. Unknown User (klaus.stake)

      Hi, I tried all the ideas above and did not get it working. I could center my page/document.
      I've changed the Page Alignment to centre.
      Changed width of page and document to 90%. I also changed the position of page and document to center. I've tried different browsers and cleared the browser cache. No luck. One other interesting thing is that it doesn't matter which width I configure. The actual width does not change somehow! (I've install Builder 3.0.0 from Plugin Repository)

      1. Unknown User (klaus.stake)

        Sorry. My fault. Forget to assign the edited layout to the space I worked in. Now it's working. Just a another problem... It look's like if at the right side is an additional space. This ways it's not really centered. I can't see the reason for the additional space at the right side (sad)
        It look's the same in the layout editor's preview. Don't know what causes this.

        1. The additional space to the right hand side is because you set the document width to 90% ... you should clear this value with the 'use default' link in the menu.

          I should really disable the setting of the document width, however I'm sure that there must be some specialised case where it would be useful, possibly with small-screen layouts.

          1. Unknown User (gfraser)

            Both settings are required, however the way they play off each other is confusing.

            @Alain: I'll try and write up a ticket in BSUP with a better explanation and possible solution...