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In a Theme Builder 3.3.4 layout, when I click on the Favouties "star" it I get an error:

"Your request could not be processed because a required security token was not present in the request. You may need to re-submit the form or reload the page."

I posted to Atlassian, and got this response:

Looks like the {builder-favicon} of the plugin has not been updated to cater for the changes in
Confluence 3.0 - a new cross-site request forgery preventive mechanism
( requires security token
to be appended to the request. Perhaps, you can raise a support request in ?

I guess I should have posted here originally, so, now, here it is.


  1. Unknown User (

    Please Help!

    We have the same issue and it's stopping us from using Theme Builder for our production site. Please suggest a work-around.


  2. Unknown User (

    Yes Adaptavist, please comment/help soon|

    We have had to cancel our planned production upgrade from Confluence 2.10 to 3.0 scheduled for tonight because we face this issue on our 3.0 staging environment. I have tested Builder versions: 3.3.4-conf210 and 3.3.5-M1-conf210 thru 3.3.5-M3-conf210.jar and this error is not currently fixed in any of them. Also all versions above 3.3.3 (including the stable 3.3.4-conf210) totally screwed up our theme in IE6 - massive main panel and no scroll - content all messed up).

    When can we expect a stable 3.3.5 with fixes in it for this problem please?

    1. Unknown User (almeck)


      We have been using 3.3.4-conf210 with Conf. 3.0 with reasonable success. I've tried the experimental M versions, which do seem to fix many problems (including the problem with 3.3.4-conf210 that you can't reply to a comment), but, among other reasons, they are not useful (nor intended) for a production environment, as you can't get the Admin Builder Administration and Manage Builder Layout functions to work (blank screens appear).

      As far as scrolling in IE goes, in another conversation, Alain suggested a solution that has worked for us in IE8, maybe it'll work for you. In the CSS for the theme we're using, we've inserted the following code:

      /* enable scroll bars in IE8, to be fixed in future rev of TB */
      body.atb-body { overflow:auto; }

      Perhaps it'll work for you.

      I will definitely try Alain's Favorites fix as people are just starting to use the wiki and it'd be nice not to have to tell them that Favorites doesn't work.

      Fixing the comments problem would be great too. If there's any piecemeal solution, prior to waiting for the next official TB release, I'm all ears.

      1. The comments issue is fixed in 3.3.5-M3

        1. Unknown User (almeck)


          That's great, but, if I use it, I won't be able to Manage Layouts or do Builder Administration (blank screen issues), right?

          1. If DWR is hanging on you then you have installed the wrong version ... be sure to use the -conf210 variant.

            1. Unknown User (almeck)

              Thanks, just installed 3.3.3-M3-conf210.jar, comments are indeed fixed.

              1. I'm pretty sure you mean 3.3.5-M3-conf210 (wink)

                1. Unknown User (almeck)

  3. You can work around this using menulink aliases, I have attached a backup of two aliases which can be used in place of the inbuilt builder functionality.

    To use these links upload the backup file through the backup tab on the builder admin screen, then alter your layouts to use the following code:

    {compound-menuitem:addfav|caption=Add Favourite}
    {compound-menuitem:removefav|caption=Remove Favourite}

    This problem will not be addressed by 3.3.5 since it requires changes which force a binary incompatibility with pre confluence 3.0. It's looking increasingly likely that we will be dropping support for pre-confluence 3.0 in builder 3.4.0

    1. Unknown User (

      Thanks for the quick response - hope to try it soon. So you are saying that a version 3.4.0 will be worked on and will fix this and other 3.0 comparability issues and will be suitable for Conf versions above 3.0.0_01 only, yes? Roughly when might we expect this release? Thanks.

    2. Unknown User (

      Thanks Alan the menulink aliases did work. It replaces the star icon with a text bullet link instead - is that how it is supposed to be?

      What do we need to do to do the same for the faulty Watch icon/function please?

      1. Unknown User (almeck)


        Here's what I did:

        {compound-menuitem:addfav|icon=star_yellow_add|tooltip=Add this Page to your Favorites (which can be found on the Dashboard)|flat=true}
        {compound-menuitem:removefav|icon=star_yellow_delete|tooltip=Delete this Page from your Favorites (which can be found on the Dashboard)|flat=true}

        This gives you back a version of the Star. Note that add/removefav are"smart". Although I've placed both items together, only the "appropriate" one will show up: remove if the page is already a Favortie, add if not.

        1. Unknown User (

          Thanks, and to do the same for Watch do we need another XML file to load via backup?

          Please note that there is a JIRA I created for this issue: BSUP-2034 I think DanH has just started to review it.

          1. Unknown User (almeck)

            Re Watch: don't know if another xml file would fix it, that's an Alain question (but it would be great to have that fixed too).

        2. You might want to add imginside=true as well (wink)

          As for the watch links, you can do the same as I have done with the favourite links - take a look at the menulink aliases tab

          1. Unknown User (

            Is there a list of location/key values somewhere? I know the location for the watch/unwatch is the same as pagefavourite, but I'm not sure what the keys are for watch/unwatch.


  4. Unknown User (suedti)

    I needed also the Text for the menuitem in a submenu.

    So I was successful with this:

    {menuitem}{menulink:addfav|icon=star_yellow_add|tooltip=Add Page %page% zu Favoriten|flat=true|imginside=true}Add Page %page%{menulink}{menuitem}
    {menuitem}{menulink:removefav|icon=star_yellow_delete|tooltip=Remove Page %page%|flat=true|imginside=true}Remove Page %page%  {menulink}{menuitem}
  5. Unknown User (agc)

    I am running Confluence 3.0 with Theme Builder 335-con210. I have installed the link aliases mentioned above.

    And with addfav and watch links I'm still getting the security error: Your request could not be processed because a required security token was not present in the request. You may need to re-submit the form or reload the page.

    Here's the markup I'm using:

    {compound-menuitem:addfav|imginsid=true|icon=star_yellow|caption=Add %page% as favorite}
    {compound-menuitem:watch|imginsid=true|icon=eye|caption=%Watch% this %page%}

    I appreciate your help!

    1. Ensure that you are NOT using these within a menu

      1. Unknown User (agc)

        Thanks for the reply, Alain. I've got them working in the navigation bar now. Why don't they work in a menu?

        1. It's down to the way that atlassian implemented their code ... it is not compatible with the way that the builder menus work ... we are working on replacing our menus, however it's unlikely to be finished this side of 2009 (unless we can secure funding for the work)

  6. Unknown User (suedti)

    Also the Follow-User menu-link is not working (also security warning).
    Is there similar workaround out there?



    1. Upgrade to builder 3.3.5 ... I assume you created the follow-user link yourself using a menulink alias, it should be noted that the atlassian links are incompatible with the builder menu, you can however use them as button style links, more info here:

      1. Unknown User (suedti)

        sorry, but I don´t see the follow-user link in the backup file, you posted here:

        1. Correct ... as I said, I assume you created the follow-user link yourself, since builder by default doesnt contain one ... the link was to show you the syntax that you can use with your custom menulink which should enable it to function - assuming you are using builder 3.3.5 of course.

          To re-iterate ... the atlassian links are not compatible with the builder menus, you can only use them with button style links.

  7. Unknown User (aydavidc)

    I'm using confluence 3.0.1 with Theme Builder 3.3.5-conf210. I've installed the link aliases and the markup is not in a menu.

    The icon shows up and when I cursor over it the cursor shows that its a link, however after I click it the icon doesn't change. It looks like if I leave and then return to the page, the icon will change if I add favorites. However remove favorites doesn't work at all.

    Here's the markup I 'm using.

    {compound-menuitem:removefav|imginside=true|flat=true|icon=star_grey|tooltip=Remove %page% as favorite}
    {compound-menuitem:addfav|imginside=true|flat=true|icon=star_yellow|tooltip=Add %page% as favorite}
  8. Unknown User (jbenfield)

    I've updated the aliases and added the new links on the page and they are working - except when I click on favourite or watch (or unfav or unwatch) the page doesn't refresh to update the icons. If I refresh manually, the icons change according to what I've done but I would like this to happen when a user clicks on fav/watch icons automatically.

    1. This is a known issue and is resolved by builder 3.4.0 ... please read the comments above.

      1. Unknown User (

        Can you give us any estimate for arrival of builder 3.4.0?

        1. Unfortunately not really, given it's current state and our existing workload it's unlikely to happen before november.

  9. Unknown User (jsuever)

    Just to share an observation (hopefully to help someone)...

    We are using Confluence 3.0.2 and ThemeBuilder 3.3.5.

    By applying the workaround described above, I got one of my layouts to work; however, another did not work. After a little trial and error, I noticed that the problem was the use of pagetree2 macro. On pages and/or layouts that had the pagetree2 macro in it, the "Watch" and "Unwatch" links did not work (we aren't currently using the Favourites feature).

    We've had other issues with the pagetree2 macro (other have to, just looking at the comments here) so we have decided to change to the pagetree macro (which isn't too bad when you CSS it a bit).

    So...this is a watch out for the above versions of Confluence and ThemeBuilder. I don't know if later versions have been fixed (I suspect they have been).