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I would like to use wiki notation to specify the background image for a panel as mentioned here:

My understanding of that is that I would be able to attach the image to a page and refer to it like this in the Theme Builder dialog:


But I have not been able to get this to work. When I look at the generated css, the url for the background image is blank when I try to use this syntax. It works when I use a full url (http://server/image.ext)

Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Unknown User (cpaquin)

    I've only been successful doing this with an actual URL (i.e. not wiki markup). Upload your file, and then access the image properties to get the URL - just make sure that wherever it lives, it's accessible anonymously, or by the appropriate user set.

    Not sure if it's best practice or not, but I keep all my theme assets out of Confluence/Builder, on an Apache box.

    HTH Chris

    P.S. I've also noted that the URL needs to be an absolute reference, and can't be relative.. for a configuration that uses Apache with confluence off the root, and another directory for images for example, it'd be great to specify "images/background.png" or something instead of "http://myserver/images/background.png".

    1. Unknown User (calebphillips)

      Thanks, Chris. I am doing the same thing with the image now. The attraction with using an attachment is that a content editor could do it without my intervention - no need to ftp the file up to the server, etc.

      I also noticed that I couldn't specify anything but a complete url, so I moved the background image config into the custom css where relative urls work fine.

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    It looks like there are some fringe cases with the image settings that we'd not catered for - I've asked the team to investigate and we'll hopefully have a bug fix in 3.0.4 or earlier.