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We have Problems with de Builder Plugin .. This Error shows up when access the Portal. Restart did not work. No chance to get to the admin panel.

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  1. Did you recently upgrade confluence?

    Go to the admin panel by appending /admin to your base url, eg:

    1. Unknown User (

      Confluence is not up to date.. (3.1).. is it realy necessary to update?

      I cant't get to the admin panel.. the same error appears.

      1. No, but the problem you describe can be caused by upgrading confluence or installing a version of builder that is not compatible with your confluence install.

        Builder does not theme the admin pages, thus it is not possible for builder to cause this problem if you attempt to navigate directly to the admin pages (while logged in as a site admin) - please ensure that you are logged in as a site-admin & enter the url as described above.

        1. Unknown User (

          Hmm okey...

          The Problem appears also in the login-page

          1. Unknown User (

            1. Unknown User (gfraser)

              You can login via URL parameters: os_password and os_username (more info...)

          2. Type your username into the first box and your password into the second, then hit return.

  2. Unknown User (

    Oh thats great... thank you. after uninstall/install the builder plugin, the frontend works now.