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In conjunction with confluence 3.3 it appears that the option to manage your builder lay outs seems not to render properly e.g. it is not showing the list of lay outs any more. Is there a fix for this problem?

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  1. Yes that has been addressed in the next release.

  2. Unknown User (verbeek)

    Could you tell when the next release will be?
    Also wanted to point out that I downloaded version 4.1 because it was announced on the download & install page as the latest version.
    However now I see that is as well mentioned as an prelease version.
    So I am wondering after all what should be the status of version 4.1, prelease version or not? If affirmative it should not be posted as the latest stable version on the download page.

    1. Sure .. no problem.

  3. Unknown User (verbeek)

    Yeah of course who cares.... Thanks!

    1. I'm unsure where this attitude is coming from, your problem has already been resolved in the next release and I have downgraded the stability level of the plugin in the repository as requested.

      If you can explain further what exactly your problem is then I will see if I can resolve it.

      1. Unknown User (

        I am running into the same problem. I am using Confluence 3.3 and the 4.1 builder does not work as

        detailed above. What do you suggest? Can I use a lower builder version with Confl 3.3?  or will

        I have to lower my Confluence version as well? When will the next version of Builder come out - do

        you have a time table estimate?


        1. We usually release on a Wednesday.

          PS: in general those users who are adventurous enough to be running an X.X.0 release are used to experiencing a few bugs, those users who want a stable wiki tend to wait for the X.X.1 or X.X.2 release (wink)

  4. Unknown User (verbeek)

    I think you are referring to the plugin exchange...

    However I made the confluence upgrade decision from 3.2 to 3.3 on the information in the download section of Adaptavist's website ( check:

    PS on trying to add a link into this page I received an system error.

    1. So far I'm having no problems linking to the downloads page, if you can give me more detail on the nature of your problem, then perhaps I can help you further.

  5. Unknown User (kpolyak)

    Our organization just installed Theme Builder 4.1.1 on an instance of Confluence 3.3. We are also having a problem with the layout manager. In the layout manager, only the tabs are visible across the top of the application. It also says that the templates could not be loaded. In the plugin repository, clicking configure next to the theme builder plugin only brings you to the same blank layout manager view. I receive a system error upon trying to set the template of a page to the Adaptavist Theme Builder template. What could be causing these problems?

    1. Unknown User (kbrophy)

      From the error you have provided (in Tracker), it would appear that you have encountered this error.

      It is necessary to ensure that Theme Builder be loaded via the Plugin Repository as noted in the comments in that post.

      1. Actually the repository can be flaky with large plugins such as builder .. it's related to the fact that the repository doesnt download the file directly but redirects the request through atlassian's servers - this extra layer can introduce problems ... it is often more reliable to install the plugin manually

  6. Unknown User (

    We have the same Problem. Confluence 3.3.1 and Theme Builder 4.1.3.

    The Manage Space Tab was shown, but there are no Spaces.
    Any ideas?