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We use a builder theme on three of our spaces. Recently we upgraded from Confluence 2.8.2 to 2.10.1 Initially, Builder Themes only partially worked, but wouldn't load images nor a navigation menu.

I finally un-installed Builder and then re-installed which seemed to fix the problem.

Now I notice that the theme layout seems to periodically break. If I go to space admin > theme > configure theme I can choose the layout the space is supposed to have and everything is ok. I don't know why the layout would change.

A related question: Under default layout we have four choices. The bottom layout is the one we want to use. Is it possible that having more than one choice under Default we are causing a problem?

Thanks in advance for help.

– George


  1. You can have as many layouts as you like under the DEFAULT layout.

    What version of builder are you using on 2.10.1? (3.3.3-conf210 is the recommended version)

    1. Unknown User (ghbrett)

      Thank you for quick reply.

      We are using 3.3.3-conf210 (#38) as recommended.

      1. When you say that the layout changes unexpectedly, do you mean that the layout changes to a different one (if so which one), or do you mean that the layout itself is being updated?