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Theme Builder Admin > Global Permissions ---> Javascript Error


Just installed latest version of confluence (2.10.1 - evaluation) and theme builder (3.3.3).

Impossible to access configuration tabs (any of them, ex. Global Permissions). Page is blank + javascript error in IE7.

Firefox 3.0.4 -> same issue (no JS error message though).

Is there something I can do?

Thanks a lot!


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  1. Please ensure that you have used thc conf-210 version of builder and not the vanilla 3.3.3

    1. Unknown User (switch251)

      Thanks Alain... my mistake, was writting you but you replied first!
      You're right, I got the bad version of Theme Builder first. Now it is working!

      Note: with IE7 it is not possible to use the forum (no problem with Firefox 3.0.x)


      1. There is nothing 'wrong' with the vanilla 3.3.3 ... it's just not compatible with confluence 2.10 due to the fact that from 2.10 atlassian started including DWR2 within their distribution, so by including it within a plugin you get classloading issues, the 2.10 version of builder is exactly the same source the only difference is that DWR is not included within the jar file.