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In the menulink macro, the emailpage destination is written, but it doesn't render in the menu.

 {submenu}{menuicon:document}This page
  {compound-menuitem:normalView|icon=document_plain|caption=Normal view}
  {compound-menuitem:printableView|icon=printer|caption=Printable view}
  {compound-menuitem:exportPDF|icon=pdfdoc|caption=Export to Adobe Acrobat (PDF)}
  {compound-menuitem:exportWord|icon=word|caption=Export to Microsoft Word}
  {compound-menuitem:exportMail|icon=mail|caption=Export mail to page}
  {compound-menuitem:emailpage|icon=mail2|caption=Email this page}
  {compound-menuitem:information|icon=about|caption=%Page% information}
  {compound-menuitem:favourite|caption=%Add% %page% as favourite}
  {compound-menuitem:watch|caption=%Watch% this %page%}
 {submenu}{menuicon:documents}Other pages
  {compound-menuitem:home|icon=house|caption=Home page}
  {compound-menuitem:recent|icon=document_new|caption=Recent updates}
  {compound-menuitem:RSS|icon=magic-wand|caption=RSS feed builder}
  {compound-menuitem:map|icon=document_into|caption=Site map}
  {compound-menuitem:spaceattachments|icon=paperclip|caption=Attachments index}
  {compound-menuitem:activity|icon=line-chart|caption=%Space% activity}
  {compound-menuitem:people|icon=users3|caption=People Directory}
  {compound-menuitem:profile|icon=id_card|caption=Preferences: %fullname%}
  {compound-menuitem:login|icon=user1_into|caption=Log in}
  {compound-menuitem:signup|icon=user1_add|caption=Sign up}
  {compound-menuitem:logout|icon=door2|caption=Log out}
 {compound-menuitem:children|caption=Show children (%count%)}
 {compound-menuitem:comments|caption=Show comments (%count%)}
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  1. Have you enabled the email page plugin?

    1. Unknown User (inas)

      Yes. I even had JIRA support upgrade the Mail Plugin this morning, but it seems to be clashing with the theme builder.

      1. You realise of course that builder only works with confluence, not JIRA.

  2. Unknown User (inas)

    We have JIRA studio so it's a bundle that includes both JIRA and Confluence. We had the Mail Plugin installed before Theme Builder, and when we initially installed Theme Builder, the emailpage destination worked fine. Just recently, it stopped working. It doesn't even appear as an option in the menu or under page information.

    1. Unfortunatley you are going to need to talk to contegix about this ... it's likely a misconfiguration in the mail servers.

      To prove it isnt builder (which you will probably need to do since Atlassian/Contegix generally throw it back to us as soon as they see our name) you should uninstall builder and attempt to use the emailpage functionality with the default theme.

      Ideally don't mention builder at all (or you may get stuck in a loop)