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Is there any easy option to display tabs in wiki page like below

I am using Decks and Cards to display the cards in my pages..

but the above example is pretty good. I would like to change all my existing page like above.

can anyone help me.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    If you want to use tabs for the whole space, like we do (visit the site to see new design we're implementing) then it's possible but not trivial.

    We're currently working on some new features that will hopefully make the task a little easier and I'll post a follow up in a could of weeks with more details.

    As for the tabs on our site, we're now using an unordered list with some CSS applied to make them more tab like. We've not applied any images to the tabs (yet) because we wanted to massively reduce the amount of images being used within the theme.

    1. Unknown User (catherinej)

      Any updates on that? As I've noticed you've now done the new design you mentioned...
      You guys should put a tutorial together on how you did this new design. Are you going to?

      You should also have a template that can be downloaded that is similiar or the same.
      eg. site logo, header elements, navigation as tabs based on defining spacekey and page name, and ensuring that the currently viewed page has the appropriate tab selected and highlighted in a colour that stands out from the non-active tabs.