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Hi all

Whatever the zone of the layout i'm trying, i can't set the background image.
I have tried to use wiki notation and absolute url, the value i give is lost as soon as i have clicked the "Ok" button. in the dropdown menu, i always have "none" selected.

I'm evaluating builder 3.1.1

Thanks for your help guys.


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  1. Unknown User (ericbardoux)

    Info : i'm using IE6.
    It seems to work properly with firefox

  2. Unknown User (meldeliz)

    We are having the same problem. We upgraded to Adaptavist Themebuilder 3.0 and Confluence 2.7. We are rolling out the first phase of our wiki w/these platforms. We will evaluate Confluence 2.8 perhaps in the next iteration of the wiki project.

    We have been working non-stop and have till Monday to finalize our theme. The problem is we had been working with Themebuilder 2.8 and Confluence 2.6 before. When getting support, then we were told we HAD to upgrade because Confluence 2.6 is a bad version. We save our themes in .xml files and backed up our wiki. We upgraded, then applied the .xml themes to Themebuilder 3.0 to re-create our layouts.

    However, the background image is not displaying. It was crucial to our themes for the header to have an image displayed as the background. At first, the url was there and the image showed up only in the editing section of that panel (but did not show in the preview). We could not figure out why. Then, I tried choosing DEFAULT, which reloaded original settings? Now, when I try to go back and add the url, it will not keep it, nor show the image in the editing section, and continues to default to NONE.

    Can someone PLEASE help us?

    1. Unknown User (jlowry)

      You should be able to get the background images working if you use either wiki-notation in the form:


      or the url as

      Either way the image will not show in the panel preview. But it should show up in the layout preview and your themed pages.
      This is due to a known bug.

      1. Unknown User (meldeliz)

        FYI. We have to edit in FIREFOX for changes to take. I keep getting errors in IE. However, the display is completely jacked up in FIREFOX. Our company-wide standard is IE due to security reasons, but we have to edit in FIREFOX.

        1. Unknown User (gfraser)

          Most of our theme developers use Firefox - we're not aware of any issues. Could you create a ticket on (in Theme Builder project) and attach a screen grab as it might be something we've not encountered before. Also, which versions of Confluence and Theme Builder are you using?

          Our company-wide standard is IE due to security reasons

          I'm not going to say anything (tongue)

  3. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Theme Builder 3.1.3 fixes the known bugs. For more info on background images, see Background Settings.