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This page is now deprecated, please check out the layout library instead

Sample Theme Configurations

Builder is a very flexible theme and you can use it to create all kinds of different designs. The theme configuration files attached to this page should help illustrate how you can achieve various layouts, designs and navigation.

  • FlickrThis theme config makes Confluence look similar to the popular photo-sharing site, Flickr.
  • MeaningfulMarkup (builder 2.0)This theme config is taken from the MeaningfulMarkup wiki and shows how to create familiar view/edit/attachments/info tabs at the top of pages.
  • MediaWiki (builder 2.0)This theme configuration is based on the popular open source wiki, MediaWiki - the same wiki used for Wikipedia.
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  1. Unknown User (johnm)

    Is there a resource for themes that I can import and use/modify? I found the link to 3 samples themes here, however, are others sharing there themes as well?

    Thank you!


    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      Not currently - once we get Builder 3 released our next major item on the to-do list is to get some sort of theme gallery up and running. The management of such a gallery is likely going to be more difficult than the actual technical aspects (although if we want something like a plugin repository but for theme designs that's going to be a fair bit of work) - for example, we'll need to make sure that any submitted themes don't contain anything dubious or any errors.

  2. Unknown User (sshenker)

    Can you tell me if there is any update to having a theme gallery.  I think its a great idea.  I noticed the last post was 9-2007 and that is almost 2 yrs ago

    1. Unknown User (amoran)

      If you have any information that can assist our developer cloning programme, or perhaps any insights that may help our time machine project (we are aiming to get 40 hours available in a standard day) then we should be able to bring forward the development of a layout library (wink)

      Seriously though, we are getting there ... 3.4.0 is laying the foundations, since it includes a clusterable file servlet that allows us to house image javascript and css resources within the layout itself. The layout backup process is being upgraded to generate zipfiles which also contain these resources. (hence the reason why it's utterly broken in the current 3.4.0)

      This will then allow us to remove the dependancy on confluence file attachments, which makes installing complex layouts a mind-numbing process (you need to go through the css and layout data replacing pageId's which are different for each server).

      While this wont give us our eventual target - something akin to the plugin library, but for layouts and possibly containing an ecommerce element that would allow designers to sell their layouts.

      It does at least offer the prospect of a forum where people can share their layout data and users dont end up baffled by the instructions on how to install the layout.

      1. Unknown User (

        Has any more progess been made to date on a gallery of example themes? In particular, I am looking for a Blogging theme – one that allows a moderator to approve/disapprove comments.

  3. Unknown User (mrjcleaver)

    Have you considered allowing users to export and share their Builder designs into an Adaptavist Builder Exchange?

    With 1500+ customers there are bound to be some cracking designs out there and many organizations would be happy to donate their work, especially as you make Builder itself free.


    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      Hi Martin,

      Yes, this is something we're investigating but it will likely be post-Summit before we in a position to start formalising plans - lots of "devil in the detail". (If you're attending Summit this year grab me and I'll fill you in on more details).

    2. Unknown User (amoran)

      Yup, that was the purpose behind moving the layout backups over to a zipped file format which includes the resources used to dress the theme.

      However as Guy says, there are details to this which we have yet to work out - for example we would need to verify that the layout doesn't do anything 'naughty', such as using {children:depth=all} in a panel (which could grind some installs to a halt), or worse a layout could conceivably include code that installs malware onto client machines :s

      Validating the suitability of a layout for inclusion into the layout library would require programmer resources that we don't currently have available.

      That said, if anyone wants to submit a layout then I'll do my best to take a look at it in my spare time.

  4. Unknown User (mrjcleaver)


    I'd suggest:

    1) Adding something to the Builder administrator's user interface to automatically zip up and send you their skin. It has to be easy.
    2) Using some sort of workflow to stage the responses you get back through the checks you mention. Comalatech's Workflow Plugin is capable of putting the package you receive through a set of manually curated steps.

    a) The out of the box experience needs to be something that looks nice and is immediately useful. The RW skin is something clients can install and just leave in place: zero effort means the skin just settles in, and before you know has become part of the furniture. Not so with Builder - I have to spend effort to get a nice baseline in.
    b) I'll try the Layout Library. Glad to see it, not an obvious name though, I have to say as doesn't it contain look (CSS, images) as well as layout?

    I hope that helps,