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I just performed a quick uninstall/install of TB 4.1.3.
The plugin uninstalled fine, but there is a lot of leftovers into BANDANA:

WHERE BANDANAKEY LIKE 'com.adaptavist.confluence.builder%';

Is this a normal behavior?

The main inconvenience is that the bandana stores default data that should not be available anymore upon uninstall. Here it is an example: If I delete a custom layout I created and change the space TB layout to another existing one, the TB powered space will display an error page, instead of displaying the new selected theme.

My goal is to do a "clean" uninstall and remove any builder traces into database or other physical Confluence directories. Once everything is properly uninstalled, I can reinstall again the plugin, with no predefined settings.

Beside the above mentioned query, is there anything else I need to delete in Confluence, in order to remove and TB traces?



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  1. Unknown User (kbrophy)

    Hi Floren,

    Yes - uninstalling the plugin will only remove the plugin classes from Confluence. The theme/layout data associated with Theme Builder will remain within the Bandana table.

    The Bandana table is one of the ways for plugins to persist data within Confluence. In general, most plugins will not remove their data when being uninstalled. For example, if a plugin upgrade failed to load correctly, one process may be to uninstall and install again - where you will want to retain the plugin data already in the system.

    Once the Builder plugin is uninstalled and the Bandana Builder data is removed from the database, you should be able to perform an entirely clean installation of Builder.


  2. Yes, the above mentioned query is the only way to remove all traces of builder and start with a 'fresh' install ... as Keith rightly pointed out, this is the intended behaviour.

  3. Unknown User (

    Thanks a lot for the info, guys.