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I'm trying to mostly replicate the Confluence default "Add" and "Tools" menus using

Unknown macro: {menubar}


Unknown macro: {menu}

and I'm a bit stuck on the items for which there is no compound-menuitem. For example, how would I do a link to "Page History" or "View as Wiki Syntax" using TB menu macros?

Or, is it easier than it seems to move the default Add/Tools menus around on a page? Every reference I found to moving or modifying them seemed far more involved than I would like... I have to leave this maintainable for less-technical people.



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  1. Taken from the CONFLUENCE210 layout (which is contained within builder 3.3.4 - use the 'import default layouts' tool in builder admin):


    Be warned though that the left-nav-alike layout is mostly broken, and the confluence2.7 layout markup is a bit messy too.

    1. Unknown User (mikelcu)

      Very cool, I was looking to reproduce the entire menus in a different area. What about individual menu items that don't have corresponding compound-menuitems though? Specifically, I was wanting to add a "view wiki syntax" to our custom menu, but I'm not sure what to link to. I'm guessing it's a webui item, but I've no idea which...

      1. If you want to access individual confluence webui links then you should create a menulink alias

        NB: the atlassian webui links arent coded in such a way as to be usable from every context, for instance many of them will throw fatal exceptions if you attempt to use them in the wrong context (eg: view my profile when the user is not logged in) ... this shows up as the panel markup being displayed rather than the rendered links - you will need to work around the issues in the atlassian webui links using the builder-show/builder-hide macros to avoid them being executed from the 'wrong' context.

        1. Unknown User (mikelcu)

          That looks perfect, thanks very much. We'll watch out for the context issues.