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In Builder administration page there is a tab "Dashboard" with code line settings that can be changed. I have changes some of these lines to see what the effect would be on the main dashboard for Confluence but nothing changes. Am doing something wrong or what is the purpose of this tab

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Theme Builder needs to be set as the Global Theme for it to control the dashboard.

    1. Unknown User (

      That's cool. Would it then use the default layout or can I build a special layout?

      If I select another layout as the default layout then it give me an error "Insufficient priveledges"

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        You can set the layout used for global pages (dashboard, search results, etc) in Administration > Global Theme

        By default, the globally selected theme settings will be used for all spaces.

        You can override the defaults for spaces (normal and personal spaces can be set differently) using Administration > Theme Administration > Defaults Tab

        You will need to have System Administrator privileges to make the changes to the global layout.

        1. Unknown User (

          I am the administrator of the system and did install 3.1.1 on the system. Perhaps I should open a ticket for this. I am not sure if is a bug or some problem on my side.

          After selecting the global theme there is link "Configure theme" that alos gives me the message "User does not have permission to administer site":::: Just a note here.. We are running LDAP and users get there rights from the groups. I am also setup in global permissions under Individual Users with all rights.

          1. Unknown User (gfraser)

            1. Unknown User (

              The problem is with the LDAP/AD user. As soon as I use the user that confluence was setup with as admin then all works fine. I do suspect that it has something to with the groups in AD. As soon as I ahve more information I will give an update.

  2. Unknown User (bjornwang)

    I'm unable to get dashboard changes to work.

    Theme Builder is set up as the Current theme (Admin > Themes). No change to the code in the Dashboard Tab (Admin > Theme Admin > Dashboard) has any effect.

    Do I have to change to another Layout than the default one?

    1. Unknown User (bjornwang)

      Seems I just had to create a custom layout and apply it to Global Spaces (dashboard).

      A bit fiddly, but works ... (smile)

    2. Unknown User (gfraser)

      Theme Builder needs to be set as global theme in order for it to override the dashboard.

      1. Unknown User (bjornwang)

        This was not enough for me.

        I also had to create a new layout in Theme Builder (not default) and apply it to the spaces in question before changes to the Dashboard became visible.