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I just installed the Theme builder 3.3.5-conf210 on top of Atlassian Confluence 3.0.1. When I started to create my custom layout I got a error on top of the page telling me that I need to disable the Snip-Snap compatability plugin. I tried to disable the Snip-Snap plugin but then I got on top of the page "Unknown macro:

" and other errors also. When enable it again, the menu component does not work correctly, it is displayed as a bullet list instead of a JavaScript menu.

What am I doing wrong?


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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    The 'Compatibility' plugin has a table macro which conflicts with the table macro in the Content Formatting Macros plugin, hence the need to disable the Compatibility plugin. As most sites never use the SnipSnap import we generally just disable it.

    What macros is it saying are unknown?

    1. Unknown User (

      Hi Guy

      It's the 'table' macro. Now after I enabled the Snip-Snap plugin again the table macro does not seem to be working correctly.


      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        Disable snipsnap compatibility plugin. <- the table macro in this plugin causes lots of pain.

        Install Content Formatting Macros plugin. <- it's the table macro in this plugin that should be used.

        1. Unknown User (

          Thanks alot, now everything works correctly!

  2. Unknown User (

    I am customizing a new theme for a client using Builder Theme v4.2. I already have the content formatting plugin installed. But when I disable the compatibility macros plugin I get the 'table' macro unknown message.

    1. Unknown User (

      I fixed this issue by unistalling the content formatting plugin, disableing the compatability plugin, and the re-installing the content formatting plugin.

      1. If that process is reprooducible, then it could be exposing a bug in the confluence plugin architecture, it may be worth reporting that to atlassian - once you disable the snip-snap compatiblity plugin the table macro 'usually' gets picked up without a restart or any of the faffing you have needed to go through.