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(info) This page is specific to Theme Builder 2.x but most of what's described here is applicable to later versions.

Resource Servlet Caching

Issue: Menu takes up to 20 seconds to load, graphical macros seem slow
Affects: Clients using Confluence 2.1.0 - 2.1.5a

Prior to Confluence 2.2, there is an issue with the "Resources Servlet" in Confluence that results in images (such as menu icons) being re-loaded each time you visit a new page.

The servlet is a core part of Confluence that allows files that are stored within plugins to be accessed by the web browser. Because the servlet did not provide sufficient information to the web browser, files were not getting cached and were therefore loaded far more often than required.

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Adaptavist identified this issue and raised a bug report with Atlassian.

From Confluence 2.2 onwards, our recommended alterations have become part of Confluence which will massively improve performance of the servlet for a wide range of plugins.

Users of Builder 2.x and above should should review our Caching Overview.


The easiest solution is to upgrade to Confluence 2.2 or above.

If you are using Confluence 2.1.x, it is possible to manually apply a patch if you have access to a friendly Java developer - for more information, please see our Conditional GET patch instructions.


If you are unable to apply the patch of upgrade Confluence, an alternative is to turn off icons in the View and Edit menus.

View/Edit Menu Icons

Issue: Menus take up to 4 seconds to load in Firefox web browser
Affects: Visitors to your site who use the Firefox web browser

There are numerous icons on the view and edit menus which can cause delays in theme rendering over slow connections, particularly on the Firefox web browser.

Adaptavist have identified further issues with the Resource servlet in Confluence which, at present, have not been resolved.


Prior to a patch being available for Confluence, select the option to load the menu as quickly as possible.

See Also

Many of the performance tuning tips from Theme Builder 1.x still apply to Theme Builder 2.x:

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