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In RC2 of Themebuilder 4.2 (Confluence 3.4.1), the Pagetree2 macro always highlights the parent node of whichever page is selected. For example, if I have a "Home" page and a child page named "Page 1," when I click on Page 1, Home is still highlighted in the tree. What I expected to happen (and what happened in previous versions of Builder) is for the currently selected/viewed page to be highlighted.

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  1. Thanks for your report, we'll take a look at this before the final release.

    1. Unknown User (bng_goldenboy)

      I forgot to add that this only occurs for us when a page/node doesn't have children of its own. If the node has children, it will be highlighted correctly.

  2. This issue should now be fixed in the latest Theme Builder Release Candidate (4.2-RC3).

    Please let us know if this solves your problem.


    1. Unknown User (bng_goldenboy)

      Got the RC3 and confirmed the fix! That is an awesome turnaround time (smile) Thanks.