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Since we upgraded the wiki to 2.10.1 and 3.3.2-conf2.10, only global confluence admins can Configure Theme. Being space admin is not enough. Also, ThemeBuilder is set to allow confluence-users to change everything.

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  1. Set your manage layouts permission using the Global Permissions Tab

  2. Unknown User (mogrinz)

    Thanks Alain, but as I mentioned in my initial post, "Also, ThemeBuilder is set to allow confluence-users to change everything." (under the Global Permissions tab).

    I don't change anything with TB other than to make it work properly again.. the way it did under Confluence 2.9 and 3.2.1.
    Either the TB or Confluence upgrade (or both) broke existing behavior.

    (On an unrelated note, I can't post replies under IE7. had to switch over to FF b/c the page formatting hid the editor. )

    1. Upgrade to 3.3.3, re-test and if you are still having problems then please create an issue on giving FULL details of your configuration, or better still an admin level login to your server.

      When giving login details, please put these into a text file and attach them to the issue, this avoids the login details getting sent out in JIRA notification emails.

      1. Unknown User (mogrinz)

        Where's 3.3.3? I only see links to 3.3.2-conf2.10

        Alas, this is an internal server behind the firewall so I can't give you a login (sad)

        1. You can download 3.3.3 from the Early Access Programme page

  3. Unknown User (mogrinz)

    I installed Builder 3.3.3-M7-conf210, and it invalidated my production/paid license. That certainly created a bunch of angry users!I had to immediately back it out.

    Do I need a special/new license for this version?

    1. You may need to renew your license ... please create an issue in the BSUP or GSE projects on with a cut/paste of the output of the builder license screen (its also possible that you have one of the duff licenses, we will regenerate you a new one at no charge if that is the case - please mark your issue as BLOCKER since this kind of thing warrants that priority)