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Is there any way I can make one space's header look like the header on this page without making it a global header for every space created on our confluence server?

I'd like it to look similar to where the header is above the breadcrumbs and search bar.

I've been put in charge of designing a knowledge base in confluence but I don't know the first thing about CSS.

Thanks for any help

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Assuming you've got Theme Builder installed, just create a new layout in the Layout Manager and then either assign that layout to a specific space or use the use-layout macro if you want to apply it to a single page (eg. space home page).

    1. Unknown User (

      Thanks for the response. So I know how to apply a layout to a space, but when I tried using an image as the header, the breadcrumbs, etc. were on top of the image instead of below.

      1. Unknown User (gfraser)

        The breadcrumbs appear wherever you put the builder-breadcrumbs macro in your theme layout (eg. you can put them in a sidebar or the header or navigation bar, etc).