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I found that the Downloads Page has text that says "Need an older version?" with no link. There is similar text, with a link, to the "Early Access Programme" so I tried guessing what the link might be. Is there such a page, with links to old versions? What is the URL? I never figured it out by guessing...


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  1. The 'need an older version' seems pretty comprehensive to me:

    What version were you hoping for?

    1. Unknown User (ewells)

      Hmmm... The link you sent above is exactly what I was looking for. Are you tellling me there's a link to that page on the Downloads page and I missed it? Am I going blind? Crazy? Both? (wink) I still don't see it! Regardless, thanks!

      I was looking for version 3.3.0, but per another conversation that may not be what I need after all. But I'll definitely keep the bookmark!

      1. I used the 'Need an older version?' link

        1. Unknown User (gfraser)

          Alain - if the page is edit restricted, doesn't the pageattachments alias only output link to people who can edit the page (ed. adaptavist staff)? From memory there was an alternate alias which would output a link for everyone?

          1. hmm, you are quite correct, the page was using 'pageattachments' not 'viewattachments' .. this has been fixed.

            1. Unknown User (ewells)

              AHA! So I'm not crazy. Or, at least, this doesn't prove difinitively whether I'm crazy or not. I guess the jury is still out on that one. (wink)