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What is the permissions logic for the following macro? It seems that unless a user is an administrator, they cannot remove pages and the link is inactive... is this correct?

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    The remove link will only be active for users who have "delete" permissions for the page or blog post being viewed. If that's not working, please let us know the version of Builder and Confluence you're using as it would be a bug.

    FYI, when using Builder 3 it's generally better to use the compound-menuitem macro:

    {compound-menuitem:remove|caption=Remove this %page%}

    If you want to use the macro to output an in-line link (eg. within body text on the wiki page) then use the "flat=true" param as follows:

    {compound-menuitem:remove|caption=Remove this %page%|flat=true}

    The "flat=true" param tells the macro not to wrap the link in <li> tags.

    1. Unknown User (simonwheatley)

      Thanks Guy.