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Please excuse my really basic questions... but I can't find this stuff in the documentation ...

I've selected Theme Builder from the Confluence templates options and have been using the layout manager to customise the interface.

I find I can't do some things now that I could before, when I used the standard Confluence templates:

  • how do I remove a page from a space?
  • how do I navigate back to the Confluence templates?

many thanks, dave

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Assuming you've not modified the default menus:

    • Edit > Remove this page...
    • Edit > Administration > Templates

    The wiki notation for the edit menus can be found in the Menus Tab should you want to move those links elsewhere.

    1. Unknown User (

      hi Guy

      I haven't modified the default menus

      Can you please explain more about:
      Edit > Remove this page...
      Edit > Administration > Templates

      I can find any edit option

      1. Unknown User (

        I need to sort this one out.

        I'll try to explain this one better:

        I've created some pages in my space using confluence wiki, using their standard templates.

        Then I've selected Themebuilder and made a new template, and applied this to my space

        Then I want to edit the content of the original wiki pages, but I cant. Now I have no options to edit them.

        What do I do?

        Hope you can help, dave