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Has anyone had any issues with Confluence 3.3.1 and ThemeBuilder 4.1.3 when setting page restrictions.

I get the page restriction dialog up but pressing any of the Me, User, Group buttons fails to do anything.

If I set the space's theme back to a standard Confluence theme, everything works well. So it looks to be caused somehow by the ThemeBuilder theme.

Nothing is coming up in the atlassian-confluence.log either.

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  1. Unknown User (gommo)

    This appears to be a bug in Theme Builder 4.1.3. A small change needs to be added to the page.vm similar to what they did with Clickr theme -

    <fieldset class="hidden parameters">
        <input type="hidden" title="spaceKeyEncoded" value="$generalUtil.urlEncode($spaceKey)">
        <input type="hidden" title="spaceKeyDecoded" value="$spaceKey">
  2. Unknown User (rcrorie)

    Hi Colin, This issue has been previously addressed and the fix was released in Theme Builder v4.1.4-M2.

    If this is still an issue for you, you can use the above version of Theme Builder which you can get from our Early Access page.

    This should resolve the issues you have described above.