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Theme Builder


Until this morning, Theme Builder was v4.0.3. Ran the upgrade option via Confluence Plugin Repository which apparently installed v4.1.2, but would still list the plugin as outdated (wanting 4.0.4). After coming here, I see that 4.1.x is for Confluence 3.3.x only & used the direct download option to install v4.0.4. Confluence doesn't list the plugin as outdated anymore, but still lists the version at 4.1.2...

The issue I'm having is that the Theme renders fine in:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

...but not in IE. The layout uses a three column layout, but the size of the middle column is supposed to be 935px - which IE apparently doesn't get the width for and defaults to 100%. Using the IE only CSS hasn't worked:

div.atb-12 table{
  width: 935px;

...isn't getting picked up when I view the page source via the IE Developer Tools. Even when I omit "table", I still see nothing in the source.

Is this something that might've been addressed in v4.1.x? Now that Confluence 3.3.1 is available...

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  1. Builder 4.1.x is not compatible with confluence 3.1 .. please use builder 4.0.x

    1. Unknown User (abarnes)

      This is what I see when I expand the Builder Theme node in the Plugins Repository:

      Installed Version: 4.1.2
      Latest Version: 4.0.4 - Stable

      Does this mean I have to uninstall the currently installed plugin in order to apply the correct version?