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Now I know this should be a pretty simple task but I seem to be having a real hard time with it.  I'm customizing my menubar from following the tutorial on the site.  Everything is working well with the exception of the text color on hover and active.  I'm trying to keep the text black, but no matter what I do it wants to be white.  What is the css for this, does anyone know?  Here's what I have:

div.dynarch-horiz-menu table tr td.hover, div.dynarch-horiz-menu table tr{
background:transparent; /* url(http://desktopTechRefGlobal/images/arrow-right.gif) no-repeat right bottom; */
margin-left:-1px !important;
margin-right: 0px !important;
margin-top: 0px !important;
margin-bottom: 0px !important;
color:#000000 !important;
background-color: #EFEFEF !important;
border-right:1px solid #999999;
font-size:16px !important;
text-decoration: none !important;
font-weight:bold !important;

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