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We just upgraded to Confluence 3.4 and to Theme Builder 4.2. I have noticed that the Hover Profile (when you hover over a person's name) is not displaying. You get the top part of the profile box but nothing else. I replaced the Theme Builder theme with a generic confluence theme and the hover profile displays just fine.

I have added an attachment to show how it is displaying.

I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if we have something configured wrong.

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  1. Unknown User (jvisser)

    I have the same issue in confluence 3.4.6. The javascript and html is identical for the default theme, but when i look at what request firebug sends it looks like this


    It looks like batch.js can't execute AJS.Confluence.getContextPath()

    1. Unknown User (jvisser)

      I found a workaround. Execute this code in the custom Javascript.

      function loadLinkHover() {
          // global list of IDs to ensure user-hovers don't get reloaded unnecessarily
          var users = [],
              contextPath = AJS.Confluence.getContextPath(),
              $ = AJS.$;
          var contentHoverPostProcess = function(id) {
              var username = users[id],
                  data = { username: username, target: this };
              $(self).trigger("", data);
              $(".ajs-menu-bar", this).ajsMenu();
              $(".follow-icon, .unfollow-icon", this).each(function() {
                  var $this = $(this).click(function(e) {
                      if ($this.hasClass("waiting")) {
                      var url = $this.hasClass("unfollow-icon") ? "/unfollowuser.action" : "/followuser.action";
             + url + "?username=" + username + "&mode=blank", function() {
                          $(self).trigger("hover-user.follow", data);
                      return AJS.stopEvent(e);
          var selectors = [
          ].join(", ");
          $(selectors).filter("[data-processed!=false]").each(function() {
             var userlink = $(this),
                 username = userlink.attr("data-username");
                  // Ensure no "popup" title will clash with the user hover.
             userlink.attr("title", "")
                     .attr("data-processed", "true");
             $("img", userlink).attr("title", "");
             var arrayIndex = $.inArray(username, users);
             if (arrayIndex == -1) {
                      arrayIndex = $.inArray(username, users);
                  $(this).addClass("userlink-" + arrayIndex);
              $.each(users, function(i) {
                  $(".userlink-" + i).unbind("mousemove").unbind("mouseover").unbind("mouseout");
                  AJS.contentHover($(".userlink-" + i), i, contextPath + "/users/userinfopopup.action?username=" + users[i], contentHoverPostProcess);

      This code reprocesses the page and fixed the problem with the onhover.

      AJS.$(document).ready(function() {
      1. Unknown User (martin-r)

        Thanks Joris. I copied both bits of code and now the hover help works great.

  2. This has been fixed for 4.2.1, please try the latest early access release.