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I've asked this question on Atlassian but haven't got an answer yet. Perhaps someone here can help.

I have a few old spaces that are legacy to new spaces in development in Conf3.2.

I would like to know if or how to "hide" older spaces from menus, recently updated, space lists, searches etc. These older spaces are still required to be visibly 'live' for some external linking, but I don't want them showing up in new development.

Moving these spaces to outside of Confluence won't work because of many external links and the time it would take to rebuild similar functionality.

I understand how to remove spaces by labels in individual widgets and macros. But I don't want to have to do this in every instance.

Is there code I can add to legacy spaces, that essentially renders them invisible, while still being "live"?

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  1. Heh, I did think of suggesting this on the Atlassian forums, but the solution is so builder-specific I didn't like to push you in that direction.

    This wont actually 'hide' the spaces from view, but it will make them less visible.

    1. install builder
    2. set it as the global default theme
    3. go into manage-layouts and create a new layout
    4. go to the resources tab of the layout and edit the '' file
    5. alter the {list-spaces} macro to become {list-spaces:display=tree}
    6. go to site admin and select the new layout as the global layout
    7. create a space called 'live' and another called 'archive'
    8. go into each of your spaces, visit space-admin and set the parent space to one of 'live' or 'archive'

    If you don't like the result you can uninstall builder and all the parent space settings will be ignored (wink)

    If you want it to look a bit more like confluence, then upload the confluence 2.10 layout & alter the in the same way as above.

    1. Unknown User (tboesenk)

      Thanks Alain
      We are already very dependant on Theme Builder which is a great tool. It has extended what we can do with Confluence greatly.

      Good tip thanks.
      I'll give this a go.


      1. Cool, glad you like it (big grin)

        BTW: Don't forget you can sort the list of child spaces in the parent ... the UI could be prettier & cleverer - but hey, it works (wink) (sorting of the global list is done from site-admin ... which you will probably want to do since by default 'archive' will come first)