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Is it possible to get an existing confluence theme into theme builder to examine?

I have created a new theme using theme builder but I am unhappy with the left and top navigation.

For example on the LSB I have simply added in the pagetree macro, this is showing me the children of my parent page but i would like to expand on this to look something like the left navigation theme. I would also like to include tabs like the Comments Tab Decorators theme.

I am on a tight deadline to get this done and don't have the time to sit down and learn wiki mark-up (at this stage) so I wanted to grab elements from existing confluence themes and add into mine.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards


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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    The left nav theme that comes with Confluence is a Java plugin - ie. it's hard-coded to work the way it does.

    One way to create a left nav effect is to create a page called Navigation in the space (I assume you will have already done this sort of thing if you've customised the Left Nav theme) containing a series of headings and links (links can optionally be output using macros such as the children macro) and then use CSS to make it look similar to left nav theme by styling the headings and links.

    Another alternative is to use our Theme Customisation service - show us what you want the theme to look like and we create a Theme Builder layout to match, which you can later edit and adapt in any way desired.