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Hi, I am upgrading from Confluence 2.5.1 / Theme Builder 2.0.9 to Confluence 3.1 / Theme Builder 4 RC.

When I compare the content side-by-side there are a lot of visual differences. The page titles are rendering in a different font size and font, and the headers (h1 to h6 etc) are also showing up differently. I have looked at the custom CSS sections and don't see any place where overrides were made in the old version, and I can't see how to adjust these in the new world to match the old.

I found the place where custom CSS can be put for a given theme but it doesn't seem to be having any effect. What changed, why, how can I see what it used to be (actual settings, not visual display), and how can I adjust the new world to match the old (where I prefer the old)?


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  1. Make your css more specific, eg:

    .atb-body h1 { ... }
    1. Unknown User (ewells)

      This was exactly what I needed, thanks. I have been looking high and low for documentation on how to customize headers. I found this page but only after you provided the code above (and I knew to do a search on atb-body). Are there other docs out there on this that I'm still missing?

      Thanks again.