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We are using Confluence v3.1.2 and Theme Builder v4.0.1. We have created a theme and it works perfectly on all of the non-personal spaces. However, on all of the personal spaces, there is extra white space. It is in the "content" area of the layout.

I'll try to explain a bit more. In trying to determine where the problem is, I placed a 3px width orange border around the perimeter of the "content" area. In all spaces (non-personal and personal) the content area (with the orange border) shows up exactly as you would expect.

In the non-personal spaces, the content in the "content" area takes up 100% of the "content" width, which is correct.

However, in the personal spaces, the content in the "content" area only takes up about 60% of the "content" area width. I only have text in the "content" wiki tags or anything else. The text doesn't extend the entire width and just wraps the text to the next line.

I have no idea what is wrong and this is keeping us from deploying. Any assistance anyone can give would be appreciated.

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  1. Unknown User (qsefthukilp)

    I just started messing with this and had the same problem that was bugging the heck out of me...where this is coming from is the personal sidebar that displays on people's personal spaces in the default Confluence theme. If you notice in the page source, you'll see:

    <body onload="BuilderEvents.onPageLoad();" onunload="BuilderEvents.onPageUnload();" class="atb-body layout-~AARONB  spacekey-~aaronb mode-view context-page decorator-page action-viewpage has-personal-sidebar" id="atb-document">

    Specifically the "has-personal-sidebar". In my custom theme, that sidebar won't be in place (at least not currently). To get around this, add this to your css:

    div.sidebar-content { display:none; }
    .has-personal-sidebar #content { margin-right: 10px; }