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We are unable to add a page to favorites from a {compound-menuitem} inside a {menubar}. When trying to add it, we get the following error :

No page found for id 0

A little investigation shows that the link "/labels/removefavourite.action?atl_token=Ec8nRKUqPU&entityId=11370535" is broken due to the encoding of "&" in the url (results as &).

Using the {compound-menuitem} outside a {menubar} (eg only a button and not a menu) works perfectly as the url is well encoded.

We are using Confluence 3.2.1_01 and Builder 4.0.2

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Unknown User (scayla)

    hmmm sorry, that's just nonsense, my '&' have been encoded in the post. I was pointing the one before "entityId" in the url which is encoded as "& amp;" (without blank)

    1. Unknown User (scayla)

      OK my mistake.

      If you created an alias for Confluence 3.0 as described in this post, undo what you've done. Just end with the {compound-menuitem:favourite|caption=%Add% favourite} macro, written as is and everything will come back to normal.