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We've been recently doing a complete remake of our Wiki (taking full advantage of a move to external hosting and the new Confluence/Theme Builder we're spending quality time building it sensibly!), and I've been struggling to get over a slight issue in the navigation bar.  In Google Chrome, it looks as I'd expect:

Obviously this is still work in progress, but you get the jist, in IE however, it looks like this:

With a much larger gap between the menu and navigation blocks.  Having had a look around with the developer tools, it's apparent that the large gap has been caused by the navigation (breadcrumb trail) div, and my guess (albeit only a guess) is that IE is rendering a space or something before the builder-breadcrumbs macro, causing it to go onto a separate line.  I've been able to replicate the gap in Google Chrome by prefixing a non-breaking space ahead of the macro.

Any ideas how we can change that behaviour in IE?  It's causing our title bar to take up an ugly amount of space at the top of the screen, especially obvious on low-resolution monitors (laptops and the ilk).


Jamie Sawyer
IT Support Analyst, AOMi

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