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I'm working on re-creating the user related list that is default in Confluence. We have Community Bubbles installed, so that includes re-creating the "My Communities" listing.

I followed the instructions about setting up a menulink alias that was mentioned in the compound-menuitem documentation.

I have the following setup:





Adaptavist Community Bubbles - User Profile Communities Tab Web Item


And the following in my Layout > Menu > Content:

  {compound-menuitem:updatestatus|caption=Update Status...}
  {compound-menuitem:usercreatepersonalspace|caption=Create Personal Space}
  {compound-menuitem:userspace|caption=Personal Space}
  {compound-menuitem:history|caption=Recently Viewed}
  {compound-menuitem:mycommunities|caption=My Communities}

But nothing displays when I test it. "My Communities" is displayed in the default Confluence user related menu (upper right corner, next to search). Did I incorrectly set the target for the alias? All the other aliases have worked, but this is the first to a 3rd party plugin.

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  1. Take a look at the confluence 2.10 layout ... it contains code for replicating the atlassian menus without faffing about trying to reconstruct them from scratch (wink)

  2. Unknown User (abarnes)

    So no one else has to dig into the layout to get the applicable confluence210 layout code:

    {menu}Browse {menuicon:navigate_close}
      {menulink:profile}%fullname%{menulink} {menuicon:navigate_close}