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I am using the Confluence 3.4.8, Adaptavist Theme Builder plugin 4.2.0 and the TaskDock plugin 1.2. Adding the "taskdock-bootstrap" macro throws up the following error in the browser's error console while using a custom theme:

TypeError: Result of expression 'document.getElementById('confluence-context-path')' null is not an object.

The source of this error is : http://localhost:8080/confluence/s/2041/3/1.2/_/download/batch/com.taskdock.taskdock:bootstrap.dashboard/com.taskdock.taskdock:bootstrap.dashboard.js*

If I revert to the default theme, this error doesn't show up. Also, Taskdock seldom loads while using the custom theme on the Safari Browser.

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  1. Try the early access release of Theme Builder 4.2.1, we rearranged the order in which some javascript code was being included in the theme, this may help.