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My users are using Custom CSS to theme a space. This was working fine until we upgrade Confluence to 2.10.2 and builder 3.3.3.

After this upgrade h1,h2,h3 etc elements are getting the default Confluence styles not the custom ones. I tried using the option to disable the built in Confluence theme but this meant all the elements they wanted to keep the default theme lost them.

So my question is: is it possible in builder 3.3.3 to inherit the default Confluence theme and overwrite elements using custom CSS as required?

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  1. In builder 3.3.4 we are including less of the confluence master styles which may help, however the root cause of the problem is the way that the confluence css has been packaged ... at the moment it is not possible to include the css for styling (for instance) the comments without also including css for other elements such as the headings.

    The resolution is to make your css more specific than the atlassian css, this is usually achievable by prefixing your existing css with one of the panel names, the more general .atb-body should work however you may need to get more specific and use .atb-page eg:

    .atb-body h3 { style data }
  2. Unknown User (stuartg.orion)

    Thanks Alain, Hopefully this situation gets less messy in the future